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Dr. Clinic

Dr. Clinic Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer - Travel size - 60 bottles - 1 from $1.20, Ethyl alcohol ...

Model is 5'9" wearing Size XS TallAnd without further ado, we give you our finest Shopify Theme FOXic! It is a subtle, complex and yet an extremely easy to use template for anyone, who wants to create own website in ANY area of expertise.

  • 100% Polyester
  • Lining:100% Viscose
  • Do not dry clean
  • Only non-chlorine
from $90.00
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Face Shield - 1 from $1.79 - ANTI FOG - %100 PET Material - Soft Thick Head Band - Box of 240 - F...

Face shield is made of lightweight materials ans so can be worn easily for long periods of time. Our face shield that we are producing with %100 virgin and fog free PET material provide the workers visibility in high level. Our material is eco-friendly, so that it can be recycling.


  • Thickness (mic.) : 350 
    You can easily clean with sanitizer and use always
  • Sizes (cm) : 30,6x24
  • Raw Material Type : %100 Virgin and recyclable PET material.
  • Color : Transparent
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Isolation Gown, Non-Woven Disposable Waterproof, 1 for $5.99, Made in Turkey FDA Approved

Introducing our medical gown range,featuring our breathable, antibacterial, water repellency and antiallergic performance gowns.

Gowns are examples of personal protective equipment used in health care settings. They are used to protect the wearer from the spread of infection or illness if the wearer comes in contact with potentially infectious liquid and solid material.

They may also be used to help prevent the gown wearer from transfering microorganisms that could harm vulnerable patients, such as those with weakened immune systems. Gowns are one part of an overall infection-control strategy.

  • COMPOSITION :  % 100 PP + Poliuretan
  • FABRIC WEIGHT : 40-45 gsm
  • COLOR : Blue
  • SIZE : One Unisex Size, L
  • MADE IN : Turkey
  • CLASSES : Level 2
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